2017-18  Art in the Orchard juried outdoor exhibition in Easthampton, MA. 

My vision as a sculptor draws its inspiration from theater and opera, where I have been a mask-maker and makeup artist for over 30 years. As a sculptor, I continue to be fascinated by the human face. I love creating characters and having them interact with other characters. In “Reunion”, the detailed faces emphasize the individual humanity of the figures, while their monolithic, earthen bodies honor the clay and our connection to soil and planet, and echo an ancient tradition of standing stones that has appeared in cultures worldwide.



Gallery Installation 2009


The crowd has gathered to watch an unknown, powerful event. In looking at the sculptures, the viewer must become part of the crowd.  Our response to all that we witness is greatly informed by our own personal histories.  Witness encourages the viewer to reflect on how much our interpretation of both life and art is a projection of our own individual experience.

Carrying Capacity

Collaboration with Nancy Milliken, created in the window of Brookline Bank for Brookline Climate Week 2016

Image 3

As we add a million more humans every 4.2 days, our demands for food, shelter, goods, mobility, and energy exceed the carrying capacities of both our atmosphere and our planet.  The squashed Earth can barely support this ghostly figure, weighed down by the spilling mass of people and looking wistfully at the viewer, imploring an answer. 

All Wrung Out

Gallery installation 2007

(36) All Wrung Out


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